24 December 2016
Sons of Socotra stage protest rally to demand end of Saudi barbaric blockade
03 November 2015
Cyclone Chapala bears down on mainland Yemen
03 November 2015
UAE, Saudi 'air bridge' takes emergency relief aid to Yemen's Socotra
18 August 2015
Saudi Arabia Builds-up Naval Base on Occupied Yemeni Island
18 May 2015
Oman sends relief aid to Soqotra
22 February 2015
Socotra police deny arrival of terrorists to Island
19 January 2015
Chinese company to improve fishery sector in Socotra
04 December 2014
Gas shortage Residents in Socotra are logging trees for wood
16 September 2014
Foreigners line up to buy land in Socotra
23 Juli 2014
UNESCO condemns digging up, looting ancient sites in Socotra
14 May 2014
Socotra, promising tourist site facing challenges
26 April 2014
Yemen signs MoU to build solar power plant
16 March 2014
Socotra governor sworn in
5 February 2014
"2nd Stakeholder Workshop on the GEF-UNEP project in Hadiboh successful" - After the first workshop carried out during the last FoS meeting in Lednice, Czech Republic, a second workshop with more than 70 participants was hold on 30th January in the EPA building in Hadiboh, Soqotra. The meeting was led by Uwe Zajonz, Eduardo Zandri, Kay Van Damme, Uli Piest and Arne Witt, together with Ahmed Saeed, Fouad Naseeb and Malek Abdulaziz. The output was very useful for the project, and in particular the need for an Invasive Species Management on the island was welcomed unanimously. The invasive species management will be one of four components of the GEF-UNEP project.
1 February 2014
An island prison? Could Guantánamo’s biggest bunch of prisoners be sent to Socotra?
18 December 2013
Law establishing Yemen's 22nd governorate issued
21 November 2013
KFAED grants $60 mln to establish Sabah College in Socotra
29 October 2013
Independent Socotra governorate: paving the way for a federal Yemen or a hint at separation?
21 July 2013
Decree to establish Society College in Socotra Island issued
30 May 2013
ADFD grants $5 mln to update Socotra Airport
11 February 2013
Yemen, GIZ sign €6 mln agreement to support Socotra biodiversity
07 December 2012
Sheikh Khalifa Hospital opened in Socotra
29 November 2012
Nonnative animals threaten indigenous life on Socotra
26 November 2012
Socotra: An island rife with discovery
23 November 2012
Soqotra Archaeology Latest (with a video in Arabic)
30 October 2012
Russian scientific mission continues archaeological excavations in Socotra
19 March 2012
3000 tons of Socotra coral exported from Yemen to Gulf states
22 March 2011
Foreign researchers flee Yemen leaving conservation programmes in trouble
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