Projects previously supported by the FOS


Relief aid - funding to support Tsunami victims on the Archipelago II


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Relief aid - funding to support Tsunami victims on the Archipelago I


Funding to support mobile clinics for the Rural Health Service of Soqotra.
Medical equipment for Doctor Salim Yousr Muftah.
Soil monitoring in Homhil.


FOS provided medical equipment for Doctor Salim Yousr Muftah to take to Soqotra.


FOS supported the publication of "Soqotra – Heritage and Future", a book with 130 pages of photos and texts about Soqotra’s environment and culture. This was prepared for the Darwin Initiative by two members of FOS. A copy was distributed free to each household on the island.
50 pairs of reading glasses were distributed in cooperation with the Hadiboh Public Library.
FOS financed the printing of environmental awareness posters „Socotra Is Not a Souvenir“, which were displayed around the island in tourist areas. The posters were produced in cooperation with the UNDP Socotra Governance and Biodiversity Project.
FOS supported the attendance of Medical Doctor Salim Yousr Muftah from Hadibo hospital at the Annual General Meeting in Exeter, where he gave a paper on the current state of health services in the archipelago..


FOS gave financial support to the Soqotra Folk Museum in Rigeleh/Momi.
Two books of historical photographs of Soqotra were produced, laminated and delivered to the Soqotra Folk Museum and to the Soqotra Historical and Cultural Association.


FOS funded a Soil monitoring Project in Homhil, which aims to combat soil erosion by planting endemic Boswellia elongata inside
a gully developed due to soil erosion.
FOS funded and delivered educational DVDs for the Hadiboh Public Library.


FOS provided funding for three years for the Hadiboh Public Library. It also supplied books and DVD equipment.


FOS purchased and distributed twelve sewing machines to woman on Soqotra.
FOS provided relief aid following floods on Soqotra.


FOS purchased and distributed six sewing machines to women on the island.

Previous Annual General Meetings

2016 Research Area Geography, University of Tübingen, Germany

2015 Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos (CIBIO), Portugal

2014 Sapienza Universita and Botanic Garden in Rome, Italy

2013 Faculty of Horticulture in Lednice, Czech Republic

2012 BiK-F, Senckenberg Institute Frankfurt a.M., Germany

2011 Natural History Museum Bern, Switzerland

2010 University of Exeter, UK

2009 Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany

2008 Mendel University of Brno, Czech Republic

2007 University of Ghent, Belgium

2006 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK

2005 University of Durham, UK

2004 University of London, UK

2003 University of Durham, UK

2002 Hertfordshire County Arboretum, UK

2001 INAUGURAL MEETING, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, UK

Virtual Meetings

Minutes of the 4th Virtual Meeting of the FOS in April 2017 for download.
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